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Installer 2016
10-12th May 2016...
Installer 2016

See us at Installer 2016...

Installer 2016

Hearth And Home 2015
7-9th June 2015...
Hearth & Home Exhibition 2015

We're returning to the Hearth & Home Exhibition this year, and we're running the Prizedraw Competition again too!

BMVA Remote Control Valve

The BMV (remote control Gas valve), introduced in 2014 has been well received in the market and is now available in RF format. This British designed and made valve is a completely new, small footprint device incorporating 'smart' electronic controls. Available in either IR or RF control formats, the all new BMV is creating something of a stir in the Gas Fire market.

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Combisave Point of Sale Display
8th December 2014...
Combisave News

New CombiSave packaging and PoS units launched...

Originally launched in 2010, CombiSave’s packaging has been redesigned in either box format or a blister pack. The packaging complements two new and free* branded point of sales displays – either a countertop or free standing display. The new Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU) includes a leaflet dispenser and incorporates a mains powered DVD player which runs a promotional video, demonstrating the key features, benefits and advantages of fitting a CombiSave.

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8th December 2014...

Sleeklight&tm; is the first touch sensitive LED light-pull on the lighting market - thanks to a unique Cornish collaboration. The light-pull requires a gentle touch or tap before gently illuminating and staying bright for one minute, before fading out. It’s the perfect energy saving and safety solution for short-term lighting in bedrooms and bathrooms. As well as being the perfect solution to finding a light-pull in the dark...

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20th October 2014...
Oilsave Website Launch
OFTEC and the FPS have launched a joint campaign called 'oilsave' which aims to inform the current oil heating user of the advantages of sticking with oil.

"As you know we face an unprecedented attack on our current client base through the Government funded Renewable Heat Incentive and other grants offered in Ireland to encourage a switch to so called 'renewable heating'. The first indications from the RHI data are that over 40% of the properties that used the incentive were formerly heated with oil..."

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